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 We are the Queens Nature Collection made especially for individuals like you. We are a sister bond brand. To give to a backstory of who we are and how we started. We are Dajha and Nia; sisters, dance partners, models, cooks, comedians, mothers and aunts. At first, we thought of just selling hair but we decided to take a different route. We both have always been into healthier living and finding options that helped with our every day hair and glam needs. We decided on this brand together first called,  “The Queen’s Beauty Brand” but we’d felt that “beauty” had been a term that was overused and abused by others. We came up with “The Queens Nature Collection”. This name meant a lot to us being the fact that we are an all natural self-care branded company that focuses on you. We want this brand to be remembrance of the fact that we are still queens to this day. For that fact, we must take care of ourselves as it is so. 

Our sister bond has been strong for 8+ years. We have a 5 year age gap but it is our bond that we hope can create a sisterhood again in our community while helping individuals reconnect with their authentic selves.

We create natural self-care products for women who may wear false eyelashes, acrylic nails, weaves, protective styles, etc. We also create these products for anyone dealing with hair loss from any underlying issues. We are dedicated to show that you can be a healthy queen underneath all of the things we wear.

Our Mission is to impact every individual to accept and care for the beauty beneath the glam. We want every person to feel as if this is their tailor-made brand specializing in caring for them. This is your Collection, Queen !